Navigating The Control Center

A brief overview
Written by The Profit Team
Updated 2 months ago

When you login to and you will notice that you initially show your "Journey to Profit." 

This is broken up into your "Tests" and your "PRO" accounts. By default, you will see your last five test accounts listed. You will see the renewal date, the trading account number and whether you are active or disabled. 

If you would like to cancel your account, just hove your mouse to the right of the 'subscription renewal date' and a red X will appear. Click the X and you will not be charged at the beginning of your next payment date.

You may also click on any account that is active OR disabled to see the graphs of that specific account. 

Inside the account, you will see a dropdown menu at the top where you can filter between your accounts. You will also see a place to reset your account.

In the next section, you will see your credentials for balance at the close of the last trading day, your Rithmic and CQG login credentials, your NinjaTrader license key, and another place to cancel your subscription. 

Finally, at the bottom of the screen you will see a visual image of where you stand in your account. The green line represents your balance, and the blue line represents the minimum balance of the account. 

The daily journal at the bottom of the page gives you more in-depth statistics about each individual day that you traded. 

If you are a PRO trader all you have to do is select the PRO section, and you will see your PRO Account there, with the same graph and journal features as your test account.

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