Set up process

Written by The Profit Team
Updated 2 months ago

Whenever trader reaches $5 000 of profit in the PRO account, opportunity to move on to PRO+ will be presented by email.

If trader agrees to go PRO+, our system will send you an invitation to fill out a Power of Attorney (POA), that we send to the broker. This gives you access to trade our LIVE money accounts, directly.

The setup process takes 1-2 business days, and will not cost you anything extra. We cover professional market data fees for the exchanges you used in your PRO account.

You will still be able to trade your current PRO account while we create your PRO+ account. However, please note that if you will have less than $5,000 of profit in your current PRO account by the time the PRO+ is ready, you will not get access to the PRO+ account.

Once the PRO+ is ready, we will put your current PRO account on hold and freeze the $5K profit. It’s still your profit, but to access the features of PRO+ that profit has to stay inside your PRO account. Anything above $5K can be withdrawn immediately. The PRO+ account starts at $0 in balance and your initial intraday drawdown amount. The drawdown will trail your unrealized profits in real time until it reaches the starting account balance at $0, the same way it did on your PRO account.

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