PRO+ Account Rules

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Updated 8 months ago

Listed below are the rules that are applicable for PRO+ accounts.

1. The TRADER must only trade approved instruments during trading hours.

2. The TRADER must not allow their Account Balance to reach or exceed the maximum intraday trailing drawdown limit, including open positions.

3. To maintain the Pro+ Account active, the TRADER must trade at least once per calendar week.

4. The TRADER is not allowed to trade during limit up or limit down periods. Any trades that are open during these times will be closed at the limit up/down price, and all orders will be invalid, whether they have been filled or not. All profits from these trades will be forfeited. The relevant price limits can be found here.

5. News rule: All PRO+ Accounts must have no open positions and orders one minute before, during, and after the news events that follow:

- FOMC meeting minutes/announcements. These occur on Wednesdays at 2pm eastern time. (Trading through FED speakers is allowed.)
- NON-Farm payroll (NFP). (These events occur on Friday’s at 8:30am eastern, once per month.)
- Consumer Price Index – CPI

Additionally, the following news events are prohibited for specific instruments:

- News event: crude oil inventories. Prohibited product - crude oil
- News event: bond auctions. Prohibited products - 10 year note, 30 year bond

Please note that you can check all upcoming news events on

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