Why do you put me in SIM in my PRO account after passing the test?

Written by The Profit Team
Updated 2 months ago

The short answer is that trading is hard. Many people pass tests and get nervous or excited on their first few days in the PRO account, and quickly lose their drawdown.

If the test is a tryout to make the team, the PRO account is practice for PRO+ when you’ll trade the live market with our funds. You’re part of the “Funded Team” and receive the payout benefits, but you’re still perfecting trading your strategy within our guidelines. You still get paid your SIMULATED profits in the PRO account. It’s the same for you, as a user, but it keeps TPT from losing unnecessary capital from the nervous, excited, or “YOLO” traders who inevitably lose those accounts.

To be clear, the fills are EASIER on a trader in a simulated environment, so it’s actually easier to make profits in the simulated PRO account. Also, the setup time of PRO accounts is shorter than PRO+ (live accounts), which allows you to start potentially making profits faster.

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