Rule 3: Do Not Hit Daily Loss Limit

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Risk management is key to being a successful trader. A traders ability to not exceed a daily loss limit is one of our key risk management parameters. Here are the daily loss limits for each account size, added to the table from Rule #2

Daily loss limit applies to unrealized profits. This means your positions will in most cases be closed by the system if the loss limit has been reached. Breaking the daily loss limit will lead to immediate account liquidation for the trader.


Futures Account Size Maximum Position Size Profit Target Daily Loss Limit
$25,000 3 Contracts $1,500 $500
$50,000  6 Contracts $3,000 $1,100
$75,000 9 Contracts $4,500 $1,600
$100,000 12 Contracts $6,000 $2,200
$150,000 15 Contracts $9,000 $3,300

Please note that you need to keep track of your commissions. There is a column in RTrader Pro that will give you the value of your total daily commissions in real time.

Commissions for all products amount to $5 per round trip per contract, while Micros incur a commission of $0.50 per round trip per contract. It's important to note that these commissions are not imposed by a third party; rather, they are established and regulated by TakeProfitTrader. Commissions are integral to live trading, and as such, we strive for uniformity in our traders' requirements when engaging in trading activities within the SIM environment. These commission rates are applicable to both test and PRO accounts.

For detailed information on PRO+ commissions, please refer to this separate article.

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