What is 50 executions rule

Written by The Profit Team
Updated 2 months ago

As a PRO account trader you are not allowed to do more than 50 executions per day. An execution is any filled order, regardless of size of the order.

For example: If you buy one contract or 15 contracts in one order, it counts as one execution. When you sell that position, it counts as another execution.

However, if you buy 15 contracts and then sell 8 of them, and then the remaining 7 at a later time, this would count as THREE executions (one execution for the buy, and two executions for the sell).

Each filled order counts as one execution.

Please watch the video below with instructions on how to track your executions.

Please be aware that the 50 executions rule is applied based on the Trading Day, which begins at 6:00 PM EST and ends at 5:00 PM EST of the following day. However, the orders displayed within the 'Orders' tab, as shown in the video above, are presented for a calendar day, not the trading day, and the timestamps are determined by the timezone settings of your device. It's important to consider this distinction when reviewing your orders.

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