Why Does My Subscription Status say "Pending"?

Written by The Profit Team
Updated 5 months ago

After you purchase your evaluation you will see your account status say ''Pending''. If this is your first CQG account, you will have to complete these steps and after that the status will be updated to ''Active''. This usually happens withing 10 minutes after you sign the market data agreements. If you have already signed them, the status will be updated shortly.

If you signed up for a Rithmic account, the status will be updated as soon we receive confirmation from Rithmic that the account has been created successfuly. This usually takes up to 15 minutes.

Other reasons that you will get this message is if you signed up for a trading test over the weekend. The markets are closed over the weekend and we may be outside of trading hours. In this case, the status will be pending until the market opens on Sunday evening, 17:00 Central USA Time. 

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