Initial Emails

Written by The Profit Team
Updated 2 months ago

First off, welcome to Take Profit Trader! You are here to take care of your financial future, and our goal is to make that process smooth for you. 

You will receive a few emails from us when you sign-up. 

1. Your registration verification email to Take Profit Trader - This is a simple verification email that lets us know that your email is not a spam email. 

2. Your welcome email to Take Profit Trader - This email will contain key points about the Dashboard, and directions for you to get started on your test. 

3. Trading Credentials - You will get your trading credentials emailed to you. Remember, your Dashboard login (to login to Take Profit Trader) will differ from your Trading Credentials (to login to trading platform to actually trade). 

We can add/change these emails if we feel the system can be more efficient, so please let us know if we missed something or you need clarity. 

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