Choosing Your Platform

Written by The Profit Team
Updated 2 months ago

Each trader chooses his/her platform when signing up at Take Profit Trader. We provide connection instructions inside the Connection section of this knowledge base.

Most platforms you will need a license to use, but there are some offered for free. 

Depending on the data feed you choose, you will be able to change platforms in the middle of your subscription that work with chosen data feed. You can follow the connection instructions of the platform you wish to change to without letting us know.

Here is a list of available platforms:



Free/Not Free

TradingView Free
Tradovate Free
NinjaTrader Free
Quantower Free
R|Trader Free
Agena Trader Not Free
Order Flow Trading Not Free
ESignal Not Free
Investor RT Not Free
MotiveWave Not Free
Jigsaw Trader Not Free
MultiCharts Not Free
Photon Trader Not Free
Trade Navigator Not Free
Q Scalp Not Free
Volfix Not Free

If there is a platform not listed that you wish to connect to, please let our Profit Team know and we will add it (assuming the platform plays nice). We are working on adding every platform under the sun, so please contact us in the live chat at our homepage or at to check availability of your preferred platform. 

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