How Many Accounts Can I have?

Written by The Profit Team
Updated 3 months ago

Traders can have as many test accounts as they want and trade them simultaneously. They can also have up to three PRO/PRO+ accounts and trade them at the same time (e.g., 2 PRO and 1 PRO+, or vice versa, or 3 PRO / 3 PRO+).

Trader has the privilege to activate up to 6 successfully passed tests within a span of 30 calendar days. For instance, if Trader was granted 3 PRO accounts on 1/5/23 and subsequently completed an additional 5 trading tests by 1/17/23, the eligibility for activating three PRO accounts would arise on 1/17/23. This is in consideration of the initial three PRO accounts not being active up to that point.

Consequently, the remaining two successfully passed tests would then become eligible for activation on 2/5/23, which marks the completion of 30 calendar days since the activation of the initial three PRO accounts. This particular eligibility is contingent on the presence of either one or none of the PRO accounts being active at that given moment.

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