How can I pay?

Understanding your payment options
Written by The Profit Team
Updated 2 months ago

There are three ways you can pay for anything at Take Profit Trader. 

1. Debit/Credit card 

2. Paypal

3. Your built in wallet. 

Debit/Credit Card

The first method is simple, you can pay for anything using the Bank/Credit Card Option. 


The second option for payment is PayPal. 

Next, you will get this screen...

Once logged in, you will have to accept the terms and conditions. If it's a subscription, you are authorizing Take Profit Trader to charge your account every 30 days. If it's a one time payment, you are authorizing Take Profit Trader to charge you for this one payment. 

In the case of this image, the charge is for a new subscription. 

Next, you will get a notice that you have subscribed (or paid a one time payment). In the case of a subscription, it will tell you when your next payment is due, and for how much. 

You can cancel this inside your Control Center at Take Profit Trader. You DO NOT need to go back to PayPal to cancel. 


The 3rd way to pay, is through the wallet feature at Take Profit Trader. On all order forms at you will see an option to use "Wallet."

In the case of this image, the wallet is not available to use because the wallet balance is less than the total charge. 

Note: We are developing the ability to make partial payments from the wallet. 

In the image below, you see that if your user has enough funds, the wallet would light up, and you would be able to make the payment using the wallet balance...

In the event that the wallet does not have enough to cover subsequent subscription payments, you will get an email notification to change your payment method, five days before your subscription renews. 

We will cover withdrawing from the wallet in its own section in the FAQ's. 

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